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And 2021 is here. Nowadays human resource teams are putting constant efforts to gain success in a highly competitive and candidate-driven job market. Every recruiter or hiring manager is trying out new ways to streamline their hiring process. Improved quality of hire, reduced hiring time, and cost-per-hire is a need of every organization but they are unable to set a standard process or a correct way to bring it into action. And how does it impact the organization?

“Bad Hires!”

Do not worry, a number of hiring tools are easing the recruiting pain and helping the hiring teams to do the mundane recruitment tasks in a much simpler way. The new age recruitment software not only contributes to source, screen, and select the job fit candidates but eliminates the loopholes in your recruitment process and allows you to hire the job fit candidate faster. 

Let’s understand what are the recruiting challenges and how recruiting tools solve them.

As per the different steps of hiring process recruiters and hiring managers face various recruitment and hiring challenges. Here are the top recruitment challenges:

  1. Challenges in recruitment marketing:

    Creating awareness- Making candidates aware of the current job opening as well the employer brand and value proposition is a crucial task for recruiters. 

    Candidate engagement & interest- In some cases recruitment team fail to keep the passive and active candidate engage who have become aware of the job position and company. It becomes difficult to develop their interest in your company to move them to the next level. 

    Get applications: Once you successfully make a candidate go through above stages the next big obstacle is to make them apply for the position. Many a times candidate visits your company page but doesn’t apply.
  2. Challenges in candidate sourcing:

    Hiring manager vs recruiters expectations:  Unable to provide candidate profiles matching to hiring manager’s expectations makes sourcing horrible. Most of the hiring managers complain about not getting the expected candidate profiles from the recruiter’s side.

    Lack of effective communication: Many of us would agree that the recruiting teams are not attentive enough to applicant’s requirements, not prompt enough to provide feedback to all candidates. Whereas, recruiters are overloaded with many tasks and do not spend their time interacting with every candidate. Yet they should do so. 

    Headhunting: This is the most difficult and challenging step of sourcing and finding the right candidates. Adding passive as well as active candidates in the pipeline is the real challenge for them because the candidates have multiple options and recruiters don't want to lose the good talent. 

  3. Challenges in talent assessment: 

    Gauging knowledge level: Once recruiters manage to reach a vast pool of candidates, the next stumbling block is to gauge their knowledge level and do a proper skill match. But the traditional screening process is not effective enough to yield the best result.  

    Administrative hassles: Lots of time and efforts get wasted in screening resumes, shortlisting, scheduling assessments, inviting for the test, organizing tests. 

    Biased decisions: Every hiring team member knows that resume lies and interview process can be manipulated and they always try to make a bias free  hiring decision but unable to eliminate the influence decision. 

Why do HR teams need the right recruiting tools?

So, if you are looking for the right recruitment assessment tool to overcome the recruitment & hiring challenges, It’s necessary to find out your biggest hurdle in hiring top talent first. The hiring tools streamline your hiring process by eliminating the repetitive and mundane tasks with ease. The tools not only help you to know your applicants better but saves you from tasks like maintaining spreadsheets, keeping track of candidates, time-consuming screening and interview processes and leads you to hire a more effective team. 

Implementation Of different recruitment tools at different stage of hiring can make your life better and guarantee you the improved hiring. 

There are many benefits of using recruitment software, but here are the main ones. 

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve quality of hire 
  • Improve decision making
  • Save money 
  • Save time
  • Reduce error
  • Reaching out and attracting a sizable talent pool
  • Remove unconscious biases
  • Finding culture-fit candidates

Top hiring tools to streamline your recruitment process: 

Recruitment Marketing Tools: 

  • Clinch: Clinch is a robust platform that combines recruitment marketing, a CRM, employer branding, and sourcing tools in one end-to-end solution. Features include a career site and landing page builder, social and email integration and robust analytics.
  • LinkedIn Talent Solutions: LinkedIn has invested heavily in improving ease-of-use for recruiters and has successfully established the world’s largest professional network. LinkedIn’s programmatic job advertising platform is a powerful solution for SMB recruiters looking to reduce their cost-per-hire. LinkedIn also offers personalized career pages to amplify your employer brand. Its flexible pricing options make it one of the top recruitment marketing tools on our list.
  • BreezyHR: Breezy streamlines your entire hiring process; giving you more time to connect with candidates by automating manual tasks like job posts, advertising on job boards, interview scheduling & follow-ups. We include all the tools your team needs to hire more efficiently, from employee referrals & sourcing tools for LinkedIn and dozens of others to custom scorecards & interview guides and we back it all up with powerful analytics & reporting. It's also GDPR compliant!
  • Gohire: GoHire is an excellent resource in your recruiting tools arsenal, focusing on attracting and converting stronger applicants with their application process. Each candidate gets a personalized web app to communicate directly with hiring managers, and keep track of all their scheduled events.
  • TalentLyft: is a comprehensive recruitment software designed to help HR professionals find, attract and hire top candidates. It is unique on the market because it integrates 5 products (Applicant Tracking System, Recruitment Marketing Platform, Sourcing and Talent CRM solution, as well as Advanced Analytics) under one powerful platform.

Candidate sourcing tool:

  • Entelo: Entelo has two products namely search & sonar. Recruiters and hiring managers are able to find millions of candidate profiles using Boolean search & the sonar algorithm helps them to find the candidates that are about to leave their current jobs. Entelo is widely used to find & engage the talent.
  • TalentBin: TalentBin by Monster, a job-portal is a platform that tracks the online presence of the candidates & summarizes it in a professional database. It is effective in finding the passive candidates.
  • Dice.com: Dice.com (owned by DHI Group, Inc.) is a US-based career site, mainly serving industries like technology, energy, healthcare, security-clearance, financial services & hospitality. Dice.com has 2M resumes of technical professionals with 50K new resumes added every month.
  • Indeed.com: Indeed is the US-based vertical search engine for the job. Indeed has 200 million unique visitors every month from over 60 countries. It helps employers in posting a job and searching the candidate’s resume as per their specific requirements. Nowadays in the USA, Indeed is the #1 Job site with highest-traffic.

AI & Automation: 

  • Ideal: Ideal builds artificial intelligence for recruiting. Without sacrificing quality for speed, Ideal uses artificial intelligence to analyze rich candidate information such as resumes, chatbot conversations, and performance data. Combining this knowledge with automation, Ideal slashes turnover, reduces bias and dramatically improves quality of hire.
  • Textio: Textio is the augmented writing platform that tells you who will respond to your writing based on the language you have included in it and gives you guidance to improve it. The first product, Textio Hire, measurably improves responses from both passive and active candidates. By using Textio Hire, Johnson & Johnson saw a 26% increase in response rates to candidate email, and 22% more people from underrepresented groups apply for open roles.
  • Skillate - Skillate is one such amazing AI tool for recruitment which must be explored. It offers 100% agnostic, AI-powered solution for the recruitment process covering all possible scope of automation & AI, with highest possible efficiency and accuracy. 
  • CVVIZ- CVViZ is your recruitment automation software that comprises of various recruitment automation tools that streamline and automate your hiring process. CVViZ uses AI, intuitive UI and various integrations to simplify your day to day recruiting tasks. It saves lot many hours. Hire best candidates faster with CVViZ!

Talent assessment tool: 

iMocha- iMocha is fast becoming the choice for many companies all over the world who wants to assess multiple candidates according to the job profile. iMocha provides users access to over 1,500+ updated quality skill tests in 50+ domains like Job-based Aptitude, IT, Sales, Business, Finance etc. With such a vast library of pre-defined skill tests, users can save a significant amount of time and effort to identify potential candidates.

HackerRank- HackerRank enabels recruiters and hiring managers to objectively evaluate talent at every stage of the recruiting process, HackerRank helps companies hire skilled developers and innovate faster. It rank programmers based on their coding skills, helping companies source great programmers and reduce the time to hire.

v1 CTA-image2-1Conclusion:

We have listed  these recruitment assessment tools based on their populairy on various review sites and we hope that they will help you to increase productivity by streamlining your recruitment process. 

However, choosing the right hiring tool is crucial to decision for recruiters. Your recruitment tool should be your recruiting partner that uses systematic, often highly sophisticated methods to match people to jobs that suit their unique skills, talents, and interests. 

Do let us know in the comment section if we are missing out on an important recruitment tool or not? 

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Pankaj Deshmukh
Pankaj Deshmukh is in the field of digital marketing. He works with imocha and produces content for the variety of blogs that cover topics from recruitment, social media hiring & candidate assessment. He believes that learning is never ending process and stays updated with the latest trends that are useful for producing valuable content.
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