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We can’t take ‘Human’ out of “Human Resource” but the technology can surely reduce the efforts and time involved in the recruitment process. Technology is rapidly impacting every aspect of business, allowing companies to automate a lot of different process, including the recruitment process.

Most of the companies are keeping up with this technology and are highly successful in finding the top talent. These companies don't just glance at the candidate’s resume and then hire whoever looks good, but instead use four automated practices to find top talent.

Interview Mocha, an online assessment software platform, has come up with 3 Recruitment Automation Best Practices you must follow-

Three hiring practices of highly successful organizations

Sharlyn Lauby, the president of HR consultancy ITM Group and author of the HR Bartender blog, says "When you automate the right tasks, then it frees up time to do the in-person ones better." Organizations with the most effective process use these following three recruitment practices:

  • Integration of Career Page
  • Integrating pre-screening assessments
  • Automate follow-up processes

Every interaction you have with your candidates (job applications, pre-screenings, interviews, even rejection letters) is an opportunity to make a lasting impression and build your company’s reputation as great place to work.

If you want to have an automated hiring process in place for your company today, let's dive deep into what you may need to know in order to effectively automate the above processes.

Career Page Integration

Do you attend the website job seekers? Or missing out on a vast talent pool!

The first step is an important one. When employees submit applications, companies need to make a great first impression to continually attract top talent.

Often, the career page is the first stop for job seekers to familiarize themselves with an organization. Start automating your recruitment process with your website career page. You can Integrate your website career page with Interview Mocha’s career page builder.

recruitment practices

With career page builder you will be able to –

Showcase Job Openings easily – Turn visits into candidates. Use Career Page to showcase all job openings on your website and let visitors directly apply for specific jobs.

Simplify your Recruitment process – Collect applications, collaborate with your team, simplify & speed up your recruitment process.

Capture relevant Information of Candidates – Use forms to simplify the process of capturing candidates’ information to your system. This lets you import potential candidate information from your career page directly to your database.

Integrate Online Skill Testing Software

The 3 Automation Recruitment Practices of Highly Successful Organizations

Make your recruitment Smart. This means not making judgments based exclusively on the years of experience or on certain degrees, but finding ways to judge skill and ability, and to predict success in a given role, based on accurate skill evaluation and analytics.

To predict the candidate’s suitability and success for the job role, integrate online testing software with your recruitment process. Now there can be two cases -

  • If you are currently use ATS - Integrate online skills assessment with your ATS
  • If you don't use ATS - Try Online assessments software for your company to hire best candidates

Make sure you choose valid & reliable online assessment software with ready skill assessments to evaluate your candidates. With right online testing software you can save a lot of your time and efforts involved in hiring process. You can consider Interview Mocha, number one skill testing software trusted by the companies of all sizes worldwide.

Interview Mocha provides you –

  • Ready to use skills tests - Interview Mocha has 1000+ ready to use Pre-Employment Skills Assessment Test. Concept wise or framework wise tests have been created by our content matter experts.
  • Validity and Reliability - Interview Mocha tests measures what it says it measures. Interview Mocha offers you the tests that are valid and reliable.
  • Proper mix of question - A balanced mix of theory and practical questions so that an employer can easily evaluate candidate’s knowledge on various concepts and coding too.
  • Simulations - Interview Mocha also has several simulation techniques to evaluate practical knowledge of the candidate. Based on real time scenarios the skills and abilities of candidates are evaluated.
  • Complete Test Analysis - Interview Mocha Analytics offers you a set of integrated data and hiring analytics, reports designed specifically for the needs of hiring managers and recruiters.
  • 24x7 Support - Interview Mocha is 24×7 devoted to your success and every step of the way. We’ll start with a thorough need analysis for your business. Then we’ll help you get up to speed, with full support and skill tests.

Why not just go and give it a quick try!

Online skill testing software

Automate follow-up process

Automation is going beyond simple job posting, building talent pipeline, candidate skill testing and automated notifications. When platforms are integrated and automated, the candidate experience is vastly improved.

Invite Candidates – You received the applications through your career page. Now what? Interview Mocha can provide a solution here. Invite candidates to take test by sending them automated emails with test link. Let the candidates feel you have received their applications and giving them an opportunity to prove themselves.

Auto follow up of Candidates – Your time is important. It’s not that easy calling number of candidates and talking on the phone when you have others things to do. Interview Mocha provides you an “Auto-follow up” feature that helps you to set reminders for candidates to take test. Now imagine all your time consuming tasks would be easily accomplished.

Real-time online assessments – Instead of asking candidates for redundant inputs, why not add a test link on career page that helps you with screening? This will not only help you to cut off unqualified candidates but it will ease your job as well.

Now just relax and enjoy the flow of great candidates.

Moving Forward with Automation

What do all of these practices have in common? Three things.

One, all of the above are automated.

Two, they suck huge time and doing them manually does not provide any additional value.

Three, by doing this recruiting team can focus on productivity, brand awareness, communication and candidate engagement.

Consider what it is like to apply for a job at your company. Put yourself in candidate’s shoes. What’s the application process like? What impression are you making from the very first interaction with career page to the rejection letter or offer letter?

Automating your recruiting process can have several benefits, including the ability to reduce costs and allow your HR team to focus on high productive activities. With the proper technology in place, your new hires can have a better recruiting and hiring experience.

Do you know some more techniques that will help to automate recruitment process and save hiring manager’s time? Share with us!

Rachana Mishra
Rachana Mishra
Growth Officer at Interview Mocha

Topics: Recruitment

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