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Campus Recruitment Alert: How To Determine the Candidate’s Skill Proficiency Level For IT Job Roles

Campus recruitment is one of the primary recruitment channels for a company. An efficient campus hiring process helps an organization to tap a passive and energetic pool of young, skilled, and fresh graduates. These freshers are selected on the basis of their skill proficiency. It is important to check the basic skill proficiency of the candidate to understand if the candidate is a fit for the company or not. 

How To Improve The Efficiency of The Campus Hiring Process!

Campus hiring has its fair share of challenges. In the midst of all the challenges companies go to various campuses with an implemented strategy to hire students and graduates and this is what campus hiring is all about. As it helps organizations to score the best talent straight from the campus.

Campus Hiring Challenges Faced By Companies

Harvard Business Review suggests that 72% of the millennials hear about companies from their friends, 68% through a job portal, and 45% on campus. Campus recruiting is the term used for hiring students and recent graduates straight from college or university.

Cognitive Ability Test – Starting Point to Build an Effective Campus Recruitment Strategy

Every year thousands of organizations visit top Ivy League colleges across the globe with a single mission statement:

Why should hiring managers use technology in campus hiring?

In a recent survey conducted by the Interview Mocha research team the following results were obtained regarding campus recruitment issues. This survey was conducted in 3 cities and the sample size is 125 respondents. The major issues faced in a campus recruitment drive are as follows Technical personnel  time used in unproductive areas Paper checking time Cheating issues

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