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Interview Questions for an Android Developer

The past couple of years has been very important in terms of innovations in the world of technology.

The app development sector, in particular, is heading towards a huge transformation due to various trends. These trends are already dictating app development at present and will continue to do so in this year and the coming years. Demand for android developers with innovative ideas is increasing day by day.
android skill test questionsAre you hiring for Android Developers in 2016? Stuck up with how to assess the knowledge of candidate while interviewing?

Here is the compilation of few interview questions for an android developer. Question complexity may differ as per the experience level.

  1. When does ANR occur?
  2. What data types are supported by AIDL?
  3. What is AIDL?
  4. What is AndroidManifest.xml?
  5. How can ANR be prevented?
  6. Is there a case wherein other qualifiers in multiple resources take precedence over locale?
  7. What are the different states wherein a process is based?
  8. Enumerate the three key loops when monitoring an activity
  9. When is the onStop() method invoked?
  10. What are containers?
  11. Explain adb
  12. Mention 5 Native Android Actions?
  13. What items are important in every Android project?
  14. ways data stored in Android?
  15. What is Pending Intent?
  16. Explain layers in Android Architecture?
  17. Describe the APK format.
  18. What is Adapter?
  19. What is a service?
  20. What is an activity?

Questions can be asked on many topics that include -

  • managing the activity life cycle,
  • building a dynamic UI,
  • saving data,
  • interacting with other systems,
  • working with system permissions,
  • content sharing,
  • multimedia,
  • graphics / animation,
  • location and maps.
If you would like to conduct an  employment test for android developer, you can ask questions like -
  1. If the UI begins to behave sluggishly or crash while making network calls this is likely due to ______.
  2. What is used to detect when a user clicks or taps on a button?
  3. If you have a fragment which displays a ListViewContaining query results, which API would you use to bring the data over to the device asynchronously?
  4. How do you request permissions for your application?
  5. What is the key used to bundle an extra parameter on a PendingIntent holding a location?
  6. How do you display Action Bar back button on all versions of Android?
  7. What are Dalvik Executable files?
  8. Which service is used to perform IPC, when bind application to a service?
  9. What permission is required for your application to use the device's vibrate hardware?
  10. How to enable overlay mode On API level 11 or higher, to create a custom theme for your activity.
  11. Android application main components are?
  12. Which manifest "uses-configuration" should your application use if your application requires a finger activated touch screen on the device?
Interview Mocha has created an online android skill test that contains meaningful application oriented and theory based questions to evaluate the job readiness of an android developer.

android online test


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