A Perfect Blend of the Two – Integration of Interview Mocha with Greenhouse

Interview Mocha's Integration with Greenhouse


We are glad to announce the integration of Interview Mocha,  the recruitment testing software with Greenhouse, the Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Software.

With this Integration, it will be a cakewalk for the Recruiters and Hiring Managers to get a streamlined and quicker process of Recruitment. While, Greenhouse helps to find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews and make data-driven hiring decisions, Interview Mocha will strengthen the pre- employment skills testing process which will provide more validity and reliability to the process.

When candidates apply through Greenhouse for a particular Job, they will get an e-mail invitation for the relevant test. For instance, a candidate applying for a Business Analyst profile will get the test invitation for Business Analyst test. There will be auto follow up with the automatic reminder which saves time and efforts both of the recruiter and/or the hiring managers. The candidates will get the test link which will directly lead them to Interview Mocha’s online assessment test in a seamless manner. All the candidate has to do is fill up his data, read the instructions and proceed with the test. Reports are generated within 15 minutes of the test attempt.

Greenhouse’s customers will have a direct access to a large collection of skill tests i.e. 1000+ Ready to Use Skills Test. They can also request for a custom test which is created by experienced Global Subject Matter Experts.The online proctoring and windows violation records are available which will eliminate the need of human invigilation and make the process seamless for the recruiters and the hiring managers. The skill test can be conducted from any part of the world, provided there is an internet connection. This eliminates the need of a huge infrastructure making it a cost effective process. The detailed reports help the hiring managers to analyze the skills related strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and filter the best candidates for further interviews.

What this integration will do?

  • Seamless and hassle free customer and candidate experience
  • Strengthen the recruitment process
  • Grant access to over 1000+ skills tests to help find the best talents
  • Eliminate the need for human invigilation
  • One-Stop solution for candidate screening

About Greenhouse :

Greenhouse Recruiting enables companies to make better hires and retain them longer, using flexible and scalable Applicant Tracking System. It’s been designed specifically to help companies get better at the tough, strategic parts of talent acquisition — things like planning a streamlined interview process, collaborating across hiring teams, and capturing the data you need to make informed decisions.

About Interview Mocha :

Interview Mocha is #1 provider of hiring assessment tools, mainly used by recruiters and hiring managers. The skill tests help to validate skills of candidates before hiring. Thus reduce the administrative hassles in pre-employment skill testing. There are about 1000+ delighted and satisfied customers from over 70+ countries.


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