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Interview-Mocha_VS_IKMInterview Mocha is an online assessment software with over 100 ready to use tests and a huge question bank comprising over 50,000 questions. Interview Mocha covers technical, communication and aptitude tests. Easy to use software with no training efforts is a  plus for Interview Mocha users. Help from the support team for the creation of custom tests as per your need is the major differentiator where Interview Mocha scores quite above IKM. Best suited for Small and Medium Businesses, Business Units of Enterprizes.

IKM offers a broad range of assessments for employee testing and pre-employment testing, including pre-hire assessments for employment screening, training assessments for pre-training and post-training testing, and certification programs. IKM's online or proctored (supervised) assessments include knowledge measurement tests, skill tests, attitude tests and aptitude tests.

Test Delivery

Features IKM Interview Mocha
Multiple Languages Yes No
Over the Web Yes Yes
In Local Supervised Environment Yes Yes
Remote Environment (Proctored) Yes Yes

Both, Interview Mocha and IKM operate in local and remote environments. They have optional online proctoring features to prevent cheating.

Test Library

Content IKM Interview Mocha
IT Professional tests Yes Yes
SALES [Including sales ability, practical experience and productivity for business to business, business to consumer and sales management for products, capital equipment, solutions and retail. Includes standards established by the National Retail Foundation for the National Skills Standards Board] Yes Yes
ACCOUNTING [Including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Financial Statements as well as accounting software such as Peachtree and QuickBooks] Yes No
APTITUDE [Including individual's attitudes, aptitudes and characteristics to determine whether the candidate is a good fit for the job and for the organization] YES [Includes Psychometric Tests] Yes [Does not Include Psychometric]
[Digital literacy, Computer literacy, Working with windows]
Yes Yes
CALL CENTRE [Including customer service skills, sales ability, audio data entry, speed and accuracy, data analysis, cross-referencing, spelling, grammar and vocabulary, using simulations of call center scenarios] Yes No
ERP [Assessments covering a broad range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions including SAP R/4, PeopleSoft Financials and Oracle Financials] Yes Yes
HEALTHCARE [Including Nursing and Clerical in the Healthcare field including medical terminology, billing and filing codes, medical coding and dosage calculations. Based on specific fields including critical care, surgical, intensive care, clinical radiology, labor and delivery, pediatrics and psychiatric nursing] Yes No
INDUSTRIAL [Including machine skills and industrial mathematics as well as specific knowledge in a variety of disciplines including construction, automotive, plumbing, electrical work and industrial safety] Yes No
MS OFFICE [Assessments for Microsoft Office including all versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint] Yes Yes
SECRETARIAL AND CLERICAL [Assessments for office and clerical skills including business English and math, typing, data entry, filing, coding, Lotus, WordPerfect, telephone and office management skills] Yes No
STAFFING INDUSTRY [Including Recruiting, sales, operations, management and training, as well as understanding of compliance with employment rules, regulations and laws] Yes No
TALENT ACQUISITION [Assessments covering various behavioral and cognitive soft skills to help locate the best candidates for a company's unique environment] Yes No

Both Interview Mocha and IKM cover the entire range of tests to assess software professionals. Both have tests for aptitude. Interview Mocha does not have psychometric tests. ERP and Basic Computer skills are covered by both. Further, both have tests for sales executives and sales managers.
IKM has tests covering secretarial tests, healthcare, industrial, call center operations and accounting which Interview Mocha is not offering.

Creation of Tests

Features IKM Interview Mocha
Ready to use tests Yes Yes
Create fresh tests by combining available ready to use tests /questions Yes Yes
Test with single subject Yes Yes
Test with multiple subjects Yes Yes
User can add own questions Yes Yes
Custom test created by vendor No Yes

Ready to use tests are offered by both platforms allowing deployment within minutes. Both allow the users to create fresh tests by combining various questions from different ready- to- use tests as well as question banks of the vendor. Tests can be with single or multiple subjects in both platforms. The facility to create tests with the customers’ questions is also possible with both vendors.

Interview Mocha helps customers by creating tests for them, in case the customer does not have the questions or the proposed test is not part of the existing test library. IKM does not offer this feature.

Employee Assessments

Features IKM Interview Mocha
Certification Programs Yes No
Employee Training Assessments Yes Yes
Skill Gap Analysis Yes Yes

Both offer employee assessments which serve as pre-training and post-training guides. Further, IKM certifies the test takers and the information get stored in databases which can be used for skill searches whenever the need arises.

Linear Testing Methodology

Features IKM Interview Mocha
Questions are in same order for each test Yes Yes, with additional facility of random questions
MCQ, True-False, Fill in the Blanks, Yes-No Yes Yes
Multiple Correct Yes Yes
Tests with sub-topics Yes Yes
Question review screen Yes Yes
Order of Questions can be changed Yes No
Point values to each question Yes Yes

Both Interview Mocha and IKM offer linear tests where the questions appear in a fixed order. Interview Mocha, in addition, offers the feature of random questioning to prevent chances of cheating.

24x7 Recruitment

Features IKM Interview Mocha
Resumes need not be manually reviewed [done by system] Yes Yes
Stores details of each applicant Yes Yes
Shifts out candidates without minimum skills Yes Yes
Applicant guided to assessment centre Yes Yes
Ready talent pool for future job searches Yes Yes

Both IKM and Interview Mocha allows creation of a screened talent pool without any manual intervention. All job applicants are initially screened based on their resumes and then assessed using an appropriate assessment. Thus, the system works like a 24x7 recruitment partner and saves considerable time and resources of the HR staff.

Reporting & Analysis

Features IKM Interview Mocha
Percentile- Compare result to population of all previous test takers Yes No
Raw Scores/Percentage Yes Yes
Duration Yes Yes
Skill Analysis, Section-wise scores and analysis Yes Yes
Question-wise analysis report Yes Yes
Subject Coverage analysis Yes No
Application Ability Yes No
Proctoring Report No Yes
Pass-Fail No Yes
Candidate Details No Yes

The basic reporting is showing raw scores and doing skill wise analysis. The strength and weaknesses of the test taker is identified based on the various sub-topics covered in the test.
IKM shows a percentile report with reference to all previous test takers which Interview Mocha doesn’t.
Interview Mocha shows the proctoring report in the basic report itself allowing the client to accept or reject the candidate immediately.
Pass/Fail facility is available only with Interview Mocha where the client can set the cutoff percentage to determine if a candidate has passed or failed.

Advanced Reports

Features IKM Interview Mocha
Individual report Yes Yes
Project team report Yes No
Departmental Yes No
Enterprise level Yes No
Skill Search Report Yes Yes
Skill Audits Yes Yes

IKM shows not just individual reports but also the entire project teams and also reports at various group levels such as department level, enterprise level, project team’s level etc.
Both Interview Mocha and IKM permit searching for skills from a database in order to fill a vacancy. Skill Audits can be conducted by both platforms as a pre-training survey. Skill Audits can also be done to determine if some key skills are needed to obtain by hiring fresh talent.

Vendor HR Management

Features IKM Interview Mocha
Solutions for outsourcing Yes Yes
Solutions for vendor management Yes Yes
Solutions for staffing agencies Yes No

Both IKM and Interview Mocha ensure there is consistency in measuring skills and knowledge of the job applicants across various staffing vendors and while outsourcing. The standards of the selected candidates will be consistent even though the vendors are different.
Both offer solutions for staffing agencies which allow them to ensure quality candidates for their clients. Staffing agencies can define precise skills required by the clients and by devising assessments to test the specific skills for each job role ensure the best possible matching. Staffing agencies can also conduct skill gap analysis and ensure that the gaps are plugged.

Rajesh Chavan
Rajesh Chavan
Rajesh is a part of content creation department, Interview Mocha

Topics: Product

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