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mocha blogThere are many ways of connecting with qualified candidates online. Social media has become a place where people like to share ideas and interact with each other. Different social media sites are used for sharing different messages such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Recruiting through social media goes far beyond simply posting about job openings. The following are a list of ways you can utilize your social media to help you attract and connect with the talent you are searching for. 

Promote Your Culture 

Company culture is one of the main aspects of a business that employees look at when applying for a job. Everyone looks for a great work environment which is why posting content that shows your company culture will help you attract candidates more organically.

Share content such as employee birthdays, new hire and employee promotion shootouts, company events, and other team-building activities. Special events and any other day at the office kind of content will help candidates learn a lot more about your company culture. Candidates want to know what it is like working for you and the more you can share with them, the better. 

Create Quality Content         

Attracting and keeping the potential candidates engaged is extremely important which is why you need to consistently create and share high-quality content. Your content needs to be original, well-researched and offer your target audience something of value.

Pro tip from RFID wristband manufacturer and CEO Jeff Arnett “Whether you want to share informative posts, infographics, or videos you need to make sure they are of good quality and provide accurate information about the open job position & your company culture. 

As an employer, you need to appear credible, professional and knowledgeable so avoid posting blurry photos or use designs difficult for others to see”. Adding images to your social media posts attracts more viewers to your content, therefore you should be adding a variety of different content to your page to keep things balanced. 

To your benefit, apps like Preview allow you to rearrange your feed before uploading them to Instagram. Within the Preview app, you can upload multiple photos and arrange them the best way you think would make your profile look more appealing. This can be very useful to make sure your profile does not look very repetitive or for specific color schemes that you would like to arrange. One day you can share an informative post, another day mention positions you are hiring for, the following post regarding your services, etc. 

Does your business have a blog page? Writing a blog regarding interview tips on your business website is a great resource for your audience to come back. The idea is to create content that will attract the right kind of talent. Once you create your blog, use social media to promote your posts.

Stay Relevant and Constant on Social Media 

A constant stream of social media content not only gives your business more credibility, but it means that your business stays relevant in the industry. The more content you share, the wider your reach to your target audience. 

Utilize all the updated tools social media has to offer. As social media updates emerge and new trends evolve along with new technology, you want to make sure you have access to the latest features. For example, with the successful utilization of sharing content through Instagram, many businesses have seen a much higher audience response rate.

The newest social media tools allow you not only to gain insights from your profile, but they can also help you gather consumer feedback. When using Instagram Stories, you can now integrate poll testing to get feedback from your audience. 

As stated before, the more content you share with your audience the better as it will keep them engaged and coming back to your page, increase your followers organically which can encourage them to end up working for you. 

Keep Employees Involved 

Existing employees can help you build your online reputation by networking through their own social media platforms. Encourage employees to capture special moments or events that you can then add to your social media as well. 

If your organization or business has a unique hashtag for social media, have employees all be aware of what it is so that when they share posts, they can include the hashtag and tag your business profile as well. The more exposure your business gets, the better, especially when it is coming from existing employees. When used correctly, social media can allow you to connect with the potential candidates you are looking for. Getting your employees involved shows that you value what your employees have to say. Keep in mind that a recommendation or feedback in general means so much more when it comes directly from existing employees. 

Manage Your Online Presence 

Just how you as an employer search for the ideal candidate to bring onto your team, employees do their research on your business as well. Potential candidates will not only look for what your existing employees will have to say, but they will also look for what your existing clients have to say regarding working with you. 

Employees look for an employer who establishes great relationships all around. Turn a client review into a social media post to share what people have to say about their experience working with you. 

Social media is convenient for businesses in so many ways. Utilizing your social media for attracting not only the right customers but the right employees you are looking for can save you both time, money ad overall facilitate your hiring process

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Karina Mojica
Karina Mojica
Karina Mojica is a contributor editor for 365 Business Tips. From sunny Los Angeles, California State University Dominguez Hills she made her way back home to beautiful San Diego. She has a degree in Marketing, with experience in PR, and social media marketing.

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