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To assume that the pandemic, or the changing external factors, introduced the world to the remote hiring process would be incorrect. Online skills assessment, video interviews, and online onboarding were very much in practice before 2020. 

However, with these disruptive external factors, remote hiring quickly turned from a nice-to-have feature to a must have.

All organizations were forced to do so. Even Amazon cancelled all their in-person interviews and began conducting interviews via Amazon Chime, their video conferencing software.

Recruiters all over the world had to make quick decisions and invest in technology that aids interviewers and candidates in the remote hiring process. 

However, the questions arises: how can we best manage a virtual interview process and what does it mean for interviewers and candidates?

So, we've jot down a few things that recruiters should do to ensure a smooth interview process. 

  • Set Clear Expectations:

This is applicable for both candidates and interviewers. Provide them context why you’re doing this virtually and what is expected from the interview from both of them. 
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It is unrealistic to assume that there would be absolutely no glitches, something as ubiquitous like the internet can also fail you, too. So you need to be prepared for everything that might come your way. 

  • Communicate the requirements:

This is vital because a virtual interview setup is new for everyone. Recruiters must have separate communications with interviewers and candidates and provide the necessary information. 

virtual interview image 3It is also possible that the candidates might not have appeared for a virtual interview before. Have a discussion with them before the interview and give tips on how they can present themselves better, and ensure they’re comfortable with the idea of a virtual interview. 

You can also give tips to the candidates about the appropriate attire and the physical setting they must take the interview in. 

Information you need to relay to interviewers: You can share virtual interviewing tips with interviewers so that they can ensure that the candidates feel confident and comfortable before starting the interview. When it comes to remote hiring, the term ‘over communicating’ shouldn’t exist in your dictionary. 

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  • Assess the technology infrastructure 

You must also do a dry run of the technology infrastructure and ensure both interviewer and candidate are comfortable with the video platform you’re using. This will also help them acclimate to the interface. 

You must also share a troubleshooting guide (taking the IT team’s help) with all the concerned individuals. If you’re using a public platform for interviews, make sure that everyone has the required information, such as account names, passwords, meeting links, etc. 

  • Manage the Experience 

To make the required changes and improve the quality of your remote hiring process for the subsequent candidates, collect feedback. You must do so right after the interview is complete so there’s no gap in the information. 

You must also ensure that the interview process is not a challenge for candidates with disabilities. Make sure they have the necessary information and training on how to navigate the interviewing tools. If they are not comfortable with the platform of your choosing, switch to something they’re comfortable with. 

To get more information about strategizing your remote hiring process, visit here.

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Tanvi Sharma
Tanvi Sharma
Tanvi Sharma is a Content Strategist at imocha. A seasoned marketer and branding consultant, she likes sewing stories together to help brands find their true and unique voice. A perfection enthusiast, she believes each and every word should serve a purpose while writing. When she’s not writing for work, she is writing fan fictions and theories. She also enjoys volunteering at a local animal shelter, gardening, and gazing at the sky.
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