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ClassMarker AlternativeInterview Mocha and ClassMarker provide online assessments, the use cases are different. ClassMarker only provides a testing platform, you have to create questions on your own. The use cases are less and it is used only by a small cluster of recruiters. So, don't go by the big brands you see listed on their website as only 1 or 2 recruiters of a company may be using ClassMarker without any cheating prevention.

Unlike ClassMarker, Interview Mocha is an online pre-employment assessment software with over 1000+ ready to use skill tests and simulators with the option to use your own questions, or you can ask for a custom test as well.

A better ClassMarker Alternative

Interview Mocha


Content  ClassMarker Interview Mocha
No. of ready skill tests Not available  1000+
No. of programming categories None 30
No. of Non-IT categories None 20
Integrations (ATS) None Greenhouse | Workable | iCIMS | Zapier | SmartRecruiters
MCQ Yes Yes
MAQ Yes Yes
Audio/video questions Yes Yes
Case study based questions No Yes
White Board Simulator No Yes
Coding Simulator No Yes
Advanced web-proctoring No Yes
Intelligent analytics No Yes
Candidate ranking tools No Yes
Enterprise-ready platform No Yes
GDPR compliance No Yes


Recruitment Challenges


This clearly shows that the use cases of Interview Mocha are far greater than ClassMarker. ClassMarker vs Interview Mocha's (ClassMarker competitor) detailed comparison is given below.

Comparison by Content (Questions, Question Banks, and Tests)

Content ClassMarker Interview Mocha
Ready to use Tests No  1000+
Questions No  50,000 questions
Custom Tests No Yes, within 3 working days
Combine Own Question bank with service provider's questions No Yes

Technical, Aptitude, excel, Communication & Multi-competency test

No Yes

It is quite apparent that Interview Mocha outperforms ClassMarker as far as the content is concerned. The client does not have to deploy any resources to create questions. Further, the questions are organised into ready to use tests. HR department does not need the help of technical experts to create tests from question bank before assigning tests to candidates, they merely choose the test and assign it. If you want to create a new or customised test then you can request Interview Mocha.

Any organisation which does not have adequate resources to create quality questions is at a risk if they choose ClassMarker.


Recruitment Challenges


ClassMarker Vs Interview Mocha - Cheating Prevention

Features ClassMarker Interview Mocha
Online Proctoring / Image Proctoring No Yes
Random Questions Yes Yes
Random Answers Yes Yes
Candidate cannot copy/paste questions from test window No Yes
Window violation No Yes
Duration of violation No Yes

Interview Mocha outperforms ClassMarker in case of the online proctoring feature. This feature captures images of the candidate while giving the test, to ensure the candidate is not cheating while taking the test. It also ensures that there is no other person helping the candidate. Interview Mocha also captures the number of times a screen is minimised and for how much duration. Further, Interview Mocha does not permit copy or paste of the questions.


Creating Tests

Features ClassMarker Interview Mocha
Batch import questions Yes Yes
Type Directly Into Test
Yes Yes
Import question bank Yes Yes
Ready to use tests No Yes
Custom tests No Yes
Categorize your Questions Yes Yes
Unlimited quizzes & questions Yes Yes
Re-use individual Questions across multiple Tests Yes Yes
Once a question is typed, it automatically adds to question bank Yes Yes
Multiple choices, True/False, Short answer, Essay & more Yes Yes
Test Editing Facility Yes Yes
Multilingual student interface Yes No
Duplicate tests Yes Yes
Fixed questions option Yes


Random question option Yes Yes
Upload images, files, videos, and links to questions Yes Yes
Export questions to your PC Yes No
Change order of questions Yes Yes

 Both offer the choice of various question types and question editing facility.



Features ClassMarker Interview Mocha
Test results graded instantly Yes Yes
Email results to admin Yes Yes
 Email results to test takers Yes  Optional 
Export results for offline analysis Yes Yes
Analyze and compare overall and individual results Yes Yes
Results by group Yes Optional
Results by test Yes Yes
Results by category Yes Yes
Export results to excel (by name) Yes Yes
Export results to excel (by duration) Yes Yes
Export results to excel
(by date)
Yes Yes
Essay style manual checking,
Total score recalculated
Yes Yes
Scope for adding extra credits Yes Yes
Fixed questions option Yes Yes
Range of statistics Yes Yes

Both, Interview Mocha and ClassMarker provide instant results on the tests. Both provide a range of statistics to the client to help analyse the data. Also, permit sending of the results offline to administrators and test takers through excel. In case of ClassMarker, the results are emailed to the administration while in Interview Mocha all reports are displayed right after assessments are completed.


Hardware and Software Requirements

Features ClassMarker Interview Mocha
All Operating Systems Yes Yes
All devices Yes Yes
All web browsers Yes Yes
No software installation required Yes Yes

There is no difference in the hardware and software requirements in both the platforms.



Features ClassMarker Interview Mocha
Send test link via mail Yes Yes
Send public links Yes Yes
Embed tests on website Yes Yes
Add time limits, test availability dates Yes Yes
Save emails, names and custom data Yes Yes
Restrict access to specific users Yes Yes

Both, ClassMarker and Interview Mocha invite candidates through private links as well as public links.



Features ClassMarker Interview Mocha
Issue certificates Yes No
8 different design backgrounds Yes No

Interview Mocha doesn't provide certificates as it emphasizes on recruiting needs of employers and it is not designed for candidates who want to test their skills using practice tests. 



Features ClassMarker Interview Mocha
White label tests so test taker only sees clients name Yes Yes
Branding of test pages Yes Yes
Set return links to your website on completion Yes Yes
API integration facility Yes Yes

Both, Class Marker and Interview Mocha allow the user to brand their test pages. API integration facility is available on both platforms, allowing the client to view results in real time.



Features ClassMarker Interview Mocha
Save test and finish at later date Yes No and it is vital for cheating prevention
Navigate back to the specific question during test Yes Yes
View unanswered question during test Yes Yes
Get results through email Yes Optional
Get feedback  Yes Yes
View images, videos with questions Yes Optional

Class Marker use cases aren't steep while Interview Mocha has a lot of features which are created keeping enterprise customers in mind. Hope this helps you to choose the right assessment platform.

 ClassMarker Alternative


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 ClassMarker VS Interview Mocha | Looking for a ClassMarker Alternative?


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Rajesh Chavan
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