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Nidhi Puri

Nidhi Puri

Nidhi Puri is a Business Analyst at a pre-employment skill assessment company, imocha. She is passionate about analyzing her customer needs and leading them towards success with a much innovative and effective approach.

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11 Steps Towards a Transforming Assessment Experience


Want to know your Test Health? We got Insights just for you!

    Assessment is a tangible process where a recruiter evaluates candidates to fill in an opening. The end goal is to hire the best job fit candidate effectively and quickly. Therefore crafting an ideal assessment although seems a tedious job may work out in your favor after all. Sometimes these minutely crafted assessments may still bring out a rather irrelevant and trifling crowd and waste your time. To help reduce this pressure of biases, we have introduced Test Insights that give you exactly what you want out of a pool.

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