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Interview Questions for Recruiting Experienced AngularJS Developers


If you are looking for AngularJS interview questions, here is the list of most important
questions that can be asked in interviews. Make yourself ready with this comprehensive list of interview questions.

1. Mention some AngularJS directives and their purpose.

2. How to create Directive using AngularJS. Give an example.
3. Can we use the open-source Closure Library with Angular? How?
4. How could one create a single-page application using AngularJS? Which provider is used to
achieve this objective?
5. Explain how MVC is achieved with AngularJS? What are the benefits of client-side MVC, in
6. What is restrict option in directive? Can you define multiple restrict options on a directive?
7. What are the differences between AngularJS module&#39;s Service, Provider and Factory?
8. The following HTML is given
&lt;button ng-click=’showAlert()”&gt;ALERT&lt;/button&gt;
How can the attached controller look like, to show an alert window when clicking on the button?
9. What is the difference between “.$digest()” and “.$apply()”? Why would you ever call
“.$digest()” on a scope?
10. Explain AngularJS boot process.
11. How can be the permission denied errors handled with AngularJS? Explain with example.
12. At framework level, how does Angular retrieve the matching elements for processing? Give
13. List a few ways to improve performance in an AngularJS app.
14. Can we have nested controllers in AngularJS? In the case of nested controllers, does the
$scope object is shared across all controllers?
15. With which methods you can bootstrap your angular app for multiple modules? Explain the
methods in detail.

16. How AngularJS is compiled? How is AngularJS compilation different from other JavaScript’s
17. What is dependency injection and how does it work in Angular? How does DI benefit in
18. What is routing? How can we implement routing in Angular?
19. How does Angular JS know when to perform dirty checking and update DOM output?
20. How can we dynamically create forms in Angular?
21. What are the different custom directive types in AngularJS? How can custom directives  be
applied to an element as well as attributes?
22. Describe an approach to testing directives.
23. Explain $q service, deferred and promises.
24. What is Isolate Scope and why it is required?
25. Which means of communication between modules of your application are easily testable?
26. With more than one ng-app in an HTML document (an HTML page), are they automatically
initialized? Describe the AngularJS application initialization process with multiple ng-app in an
HTML document/page.
27.  How to do Language Internationalization in AnglarJS?
28. Explain digest life-cycle in AngularJS. What happens when you do the changes to the scope
outside the angular context?
29. What is the difference between Angular and Polymer? What problems does Polymer solve
that AngularJS has not or will not? Are there plans to tie Polymer in with AngularJS in the future?
30. The most popular e2e testing tool for AngularJS is Protractor. There are also others which
rely on similar mechanisms. Describe how e2e testing of AngularJS applications work?
Ask questions on Angular 2.0, Angular 4.0, AtScript and it’s up gradations.

Preparing for questions onup gradations or upcoming technologies helps you in interviews. Here I have mentioned few Angular 4 questions you can prepare for while appearing for interviews of Angular developers.
1. How to include an external css in Angular 4?
2. How Angular 4 is different from Angular 2?
3. In which directory all external modules and files are stored in Angular 4?
4. How to Handling Error and Logging it?
5. How to Set Http Request Header in Angular 4?
6. What Is Angular CLI? How To Update Angular CLI?
7. How Google Handles Security in Angular 4 Applications?
8. What is Typescript and how will it be useful in Angular 4?
9. What is Dependency Injection (DI) in Angular 4?
10. What will happen if you import the same module twice in Angular 4?


Now this is the list of AngularJS interview questions for experienced. Read them, bookmark
them, comment on them, or even contribute your own.

Sanghamitra Sarate
Sanghamitra Sarate
A passionate Digital Marketer with expertise in SEO & paid advertising. When not busy with the campaigns, I like to stay updated with latest trends in technology that are useful for recruitment & producing the content.

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