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Every business has procedures and processes of their own when it comes to hiring and recruiting candidates. They have separate timelines, resources, expectations, needs, and priorities. However, there are some standard tips and guidelines that any company can apply to recruit the best candidates.


Whether you've been trying to recruit or hiring, you will need to write a striking job description to attract a large pool of best candidates, even candidates who are recruited are often still required to complete a pre-interview application. Professional job requirements that are clearly described reflects your brand and demonstrate the appeal of working for your organization can get the candidates enthusiastic about the possibility of joining your team.

In fact, an expansive job description can help you draw a diverse group of candidates. You would want a broad pool of candidates because, according to our recruiting experts, successful businesses who rely on diversity when growing their staff are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns than the standard industry median. Indeed, 67 percent of job seekers say they're looking for a diverse workforce when they're looking for a new job. 



  • Be specific
  • Break the monotony with bullet points
  • Conversational tone.
  • Variety of terminology.
  • Use the right keywords.
  • Avoid jargon and metaphors.
  • Remove any superfluous corporate language
  • less prevalent industrial terminology such as PIPs, XML site maps, or KPIs
  • Avoid big chunks of text.



Knowledge and experience is undoubtedly a great advantage in recruiting quality employees. Those that have been in the field for some time will be able to manage most of the business operations and activities in their sleep. Still, they could also have achieved most of their career goals, so they now lack the motivation to fulfill further achievements. Therefore, this should not be the sole indicator of measuring success.

 There might be a lot of fresh-faced top candidates with undiscovered potential and not too many years of experience under their belts. There might not be a lot of companies admiring their resumes, but this makes them willing to gain knowledge, fill them with enthusiasm, and motivation to work with you and understand the company's objectives. 


Due to technological advancements, the hiring process is now easier with technical assistance Algorithms, and electronic assessments are required to search and review candidates according to preset characteristics. This will not only spare you energy and time that would have been wasted on in-person interviews but it also significantly increases the company's prospects of attracting top-performing talent.

Such algorithms often migrate through job sites like LinkedIn to notify your systems of the possibility that your company's top talent is actively looking for jobs. This way, you can stop the situation, figure out why they are disappointed, and take steps to fix it, and you can retain your employee.


Employing and keeping top talent takes a lot more than finding and hiring them. You will have to offer these performers an attractive Employee Value Proposition (EVP), that is, the perks they receive for their performance and production. It provides tangible rewards such as the quality of the job, the experience with you, and how management supports and improves its talents. 

If what you provide your talents is a lot better than what other businesses in the same sector do, then you will be able to attract and keep them easily, sometimes those talents will search and come to you!

All of this means that you have a unique EVP that is distinctive from what most other companies offer while also adding some of their best benefits. 

The EVP should also be aimed at people who work and deliver results. It should also be genuine, not based on promises alone, but tangible and quick to validate by the potential top-performing talent you want to recruit.


Job applicants aren't the only ones to prepare for interviews— you should be prepared as their potential employer, too. This will simplify the interview process, ensure an equal opportunity for all candidates to "wow" you during an interview, and ensure that your interview feels professional and insightful.

  • Plan the interview through the following methodologies:
  • Pick the suitable hiring manager and employees for the interview.
  • Decide how many rounds of interviews should be conducted.
  • Who will conduct the telephonic/video call interviews?
  • Who will assess the feedback from the employee interviewers? And on what grounds?
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Rahul Booluc
Rahul Booluc
Rahul Booluck is a recruiting lead at Right Fit Recruitment Inc to deliver quality talents across the industries in Canada and the USA. He also grooms aspiring entrepreneurs through his business coaching sessions via podcasts and YouTube videos.

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