Top Recruitment Thought Leaders

Recruitment is an ever evolving industry, especially with the growth of technology and social media. In the face of more challenging recruitment, recruiters need to keep up with the trends to ensure successful sourcing and hiring. Likely, in order to build a team like Apple.

To help you keep up with the latest trends in recruitment and talent acquisition, we’ve compiled a list of Recruitment thought leaders. By following them, recruiters can adopt what’s relevant and stay on top of industry trends to grow their careers and their business.

If I have missed any of your favorites, let me know your top Recruitment thought leaders in the comments below.

Before starting the article, I suggest you to watch the video of Steve Jobs on hiring.

He is not a writer, blogger or vlogger but yes, an amazing and unconventional thought leader in many respects. One of my favorites.

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was passionate about hiring the best people. And he took it seriously; it wasn’t something to be rushed. He also gives sound reasoning to the fact that spending time hiring good people is the best investment of your time. No doubt, Apple does the finest recruitment.

Below is the list of people you must follow when it comes to the recruitment world. You can call them Thought Leaders, Influencers or Bloggers because they are all in one.

So in no particular order here is –

The List of Top Recruitment Bloggers

Lou Adler, USA

Top Recruitment thought leadersHis information is what the recruitment world needs. He talks about avoiding hiring mistakes, pinpointing a candidate’s motivation and recruiting passive talent, including, “Recruiters, find out how to make better hires more quickly.”

Do have a look at Lou’s articles. They are very informative.


CEO, The Adler Group

LinkedIn accounttwitter account

Josh Bersin, USA

Top recruitment thought leaders

He is a popular blogger for Josh provides insights into hiring, recruiting and talent management through his blogs.

Make sure you read Josh’s articles. Don’t miss them!



Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Greg Savage, Australia

top recruitment thought leaders

Greg is a global recruiter with 35 years experience owning, managing and growing staffing businesses across the world. He is voted as the most influential recruiter in Australia in the past 60 years. He writes simply the best newsletter and articles.

Have a look at Greg’s articles on LinkedIn and on Greg Savage, The Savage Truth.


Principal, Greg Savage -The Savage Truth

LinkedIn account

twitter account



Meghan M. Biro, England

top recruitment thought leaders

Meghan M. Biro is a globally recognized Talent Management and HR Tech brand strategist, analyst, digital catalyst, author, and speaker. Meghan is a regular contributor at Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and several other media outlets.

Have a look at Meghan’s recruitment articles.


CEO at Talent Culture

LinkedIn account

twitter account



Matt Charney, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

Matt Charney provides candid insights and extensively researched articles on topics including social media, HRtechnology, and recruitment.

Have a look at some of his killer content about recruitment articles at Snark Attack by Matt.



Executive Editor & Head of Content at Recruiting Daily

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Kris Dunn, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

Kris believes that the key to great business results is to get great people, then do cool stuff to maximize their motivation, performance and effectiveness once you have them in the door. He produces provocative, entertaining, and, most important, knowledgeable posts on recruiting.

Read his popular employment blogs on Fistful of Talent and the HR Capitalist.


Chief Human Resources Officer, Partner @ Kinetix

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Stephen O’Donnell, UK

top recruitment thought leadersStephen is actively involved in the professional recruitment sector since 1987. Stephen’s is the founder of PCEvaluate and the National Online Recruitment Awards to name a few! So it comes as no surprise that he’s one of the stars of recruitment world.

Don’t miss Stephan’s recruitment blogs at Ayeright.


Founder & MD, PC Evaluate Ltd

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Jennifer McClure, USA

top recruitment thought leadersJennifer is Keynote Speaker, trainer, and coach. She specializes in Human Resources, Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting Strategy, and Social Recruiting. Jennifer shares her personal experiences, actionable content, and impressions regarding recruiting through her blogs on Unbridled Talent

Make sure you have a look at Jennifer’s articles on Unbridled Talent.


CEO / Chief Excitement Officer, DisruptHR

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Trish McFarlane, USA

top recruitment thought leadersTrish specializes in recruiting, HR technology, talent management, social media and lot more to count on. Trish McFarlane focuses on workplace topics and issues like talent management, recruiting, HR technology.

Have a look at Trish’s podcasts and articles on HR RingLeader.



CEO, Principal Analyst at H3 HR Advisors

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Steve Boese, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

Steve is award winning Human Resources blogger. He keeps the recruitment world updated about Talent Management, and Recruiting and workplace technology.

I am sure you don’t want to miss Steve’s article. Go check them out – recruitment articles by Steve.


Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, H3HR Advisors

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Tim Sackett, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

Tim’s experience includes a fairly extensive background in recruiting & selection, mixed with some solid experience within the HR generalist world including heavy employee relations, OD, and training.

Tim provides most insightful updates on recruiting through his blog The Tim Sackett Project.


President, HRU Technical Resources and Chief Storyteller, Fistful of Talent

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Shally Steckerl, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

Steckerl has eighteen years of sourcing and recruiting experience. Shally explores topics like recruitment best practices, improving recruiting processes and how to become better at making judgments about talent through his Sourcing Institute’s blogs.

Read some of Shally’s articles here.


Founder at The Sourcing Institute Foundation

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Bryan Chaney, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

Bryan Chaney is a global talent sourcing and attraction strategist. Bryan explores various topics such as creating candidate pipelines, utilizing social engagement, thinking creatively to be a more effective recruiter and has various publications.

Have a look at Bryan articles.


Director, Employer Brand at

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



George Anders, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

George writes regularly on the web about innovation, talent and recruiting and also explores the frontiers of leadership, talent acquisition, and management strategy weaving together big ideas.

Find out George’s articles here.



Contributing Writer at Forbes magazine

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Robin Schooling, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

Robin is an excellent resource in all areas related to human resources. She provides excellent information, ideas, and solutions on recruiting and hiring strategies. She is Writer/Contributor at, Recruiting Daily, SHRM, HR Examiner, and a variety of other sites.

Read her latest blogs


VP Human Resources, Hollywood Casino – Baton Rouge

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Jim Stroud, USA 

top recruitment thought leaders

Over the past decade, Jim Stroud has built an expertise in social media recruiting. Stroud frequently updates with the social recruiting scene, and relevant news articles, blog posts and links that prove valuable.

You can have a look Jim’s articles here.



RPO SR Recruitment Strategies & Support Director, Randstad Sourceright US

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Andy Headworth, UK

top recruitment thought leaders

Andy has over 20 years experience working in the recruitment industry as well as almost 7 years hands-on social media experience. Andy is the author of Sirona Consulting, where he gives practical advice for recruiters, industry insights, better social media usage, and instruction.

Check out some latest articles by Andy at Sirona Consulting.


Managing Director, Sirona Consulting Ltd

LinkedIn account

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Todd Raphael, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

Todd is very widely quoted and interviewed on recruiting, employment and job market issues. He has named one of Seed’s “top 50 HR and Recruitment Influencers, 2014.” Todd is a terrific and focused writer.

He writes excellent articles about recruitment on ERE Media.



Editor in Chief, ERE Media

LinkedIn account

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Katrina Collier, UK

top recruitment thought leaders

She specializes in both helping companies and candidates maximize the potential of social media for all things recruitment and job-based.

Get some tips and advice on the use of social media for recruitment by Katrina at Winning Impression.



Social Recruiting Specialist, Winning Impression

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Louise Triance, UK

top recruitment thought leaders

Louise specializes in Recruitment research, psychometric analysis, writing for recruitment publication, networking and consulting. Louise always has one finger on the pulse of the recruitment industry and is often two steps ahead.

Make sure you read Louise’s articles because she is always two steps ahead when it comes to recruitment.

Managing Director, UK Recruiter

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twitter account



Jody Ordioni, USA


Jody is a frequent contributor to ERE Media where she writes about Social Recruiting. She likes to engage with HR professionals and corporate teams on how to build and promote employer brands and implement best-practice talent acquisition strategies across all media and platforms.

Keep yourself updated with her brilliant blogs at ERE Media.


Chief Brand Officer and President at Brandemix

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Mitch Sullivan, UK

top recruitment thought leaders

Mitch is a Recruitment & Resourcing expert – especially skilled in helping SME’s solve business critical hiring issues. Mitch provides insights of recruitment, candidate selection, recruitment communications, recruitment advertising.

See some of his articles at Fast-Track Recruitment.


Owner, FT Recruitment

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Jeff Waldman, Canada 

Jeff Waldman

Jeff works with organizations to integrate and leverage social media and technology into HR and Recruitment practices to create and drive unparalleled business value.He has unwavering passion and enthusiasm for human resources, recruiting and technology.

Check out his some of Jeff’s recruitment articles here.


Head of Talent, Security Compass

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Bill Boorman, UK

top recruitment thought leaders

Bill is not only passionate about sharing his ideas online but also changed recruiting conferences with his amazing TRU unconference concept. He has a simple vision –  to make recruitment better for everyone.  He writes about Social Recruiting Integration and Infrastructure, Recruiting Technology, and Recruitment Marketing.

He blogs regularly on The Recruiting Unblog. Go check his articles out.

Lead Advisor, Clinch

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Mervyn Dinnen, UK

top recruitment thought leaders

Mervyn spent 20 years of his career as a recruiter, then worked for a well-known job board. Now he is a Blogger and speaker on  Social Media, recruitment, and HR. Mervyn has an immense knowledge of the UK recruitment market and shares that knowledge through his blogs.

Have a look at some of his recruitment articles here.


Talent Acquisition Analyst, Talent Insight

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Laurie Ruettimann, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

Laurie Ruettimann is a social media guru. She is a well-respected speaker, blogger, consultant, marketer, writer, and business professional.

Find her latest recruitment articles at Laurie Ruettimann.



Member Board of Directors, TDn2K

LinkedIn account

twitter account



John Sumser, USA

top recruitment thought leaders

John is a recognized thought leader in the recruitment and HR communities, particularly in the areas of multi-generational recruitment and technology in the workplace. John provides insights particularly in the areas of multi-generational recruitment and technology in the workplace.

Check out John’s insights on recruitment at HR Examiner.


Co-Founder, Master Class in HCM

LinkedIn account

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Matt Alder, UK

top recruitment thought leaders

Over the last sixteen years, Matt has helped numerous employers connect to the best talent, improving ROI and drive value via digital, social and mobile recruitment marketing strategies and techniques.

Matt has a weekly podcast dedicated to innovation and futurology in recruitment and HR. Check Matt’s podcast here.


Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing Strategist, MetaShift

LinkedIn account

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Rob McIntosh, US

Rob McIntosh

Rob is one of the few thought leaders within the Talent Acquisition community who combines theoretical, analytical and cognitive thinking into real life solutions. He has a passion for connecting talent leaders with each other on best practices and business talent trends that help advance the profession.

Have a look at Rob articles at ERE Media


Chief Analyst at ERE Media, Inc

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Stephen Hart, UK

Stephen Hart

Stephen has over 15 years of experience in the recruitment sector. He has been a development specialist for over a decade and he enjoys his training, coaching and consulting work.

See Stephen’s latest blogs at Edenchanges.



Training and Development Manager at Guided Solutions

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Kyle Lagunas, US

Kyle Lagunas

An analyst specializing in talent acquisition, Kyle keeps tabs on key practices in sourcing, recruiting, assessing, hiring and retention strategies and technologies. Kyle has spent the last several years offering a fresh take on the role of technology as part of an integrated talent strategy and focuses on providing actionable insights to keep leading organizations a step ahead.

Get actionable insights on recruitment through Kyle articles.

Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory

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Nisha Raghavan, USA

top recruitment thought leadersNisha brings to you the latest trends in recruitment and HR industry. She provides excellent up-to-date information for HR professionals, managers, and leaders through a variety of channels including her blog Your HR Buddy.

Read Nisha’s latest articles on Your HR Buddy.


Talent Acquisition Specialist, American Heart Association

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Gautam Ghosh, India

Gautam Ghosh

He is a thought leader in recruitment whose word is held in high across the HR function globally.

Have a look at some of the recruitment articles by Gautam.




Blogger, Speaker and Writer, Talent and Social Business

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Abhijit Bhaduri, India

top recruitment thought leaders

Abhijit is an HR leader with global experience in Talent Development with demonstrated ability to deliver business outcomes. He is an active blogger, speaker at TEDx, INK and keynote speaker for industry events and corporates.

Abhijit keeps you updated with recruiting and hiring trends through his website. Have a look at Abhijit blogs.


Chief Learning Officer, Wipro Group

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Kunjal Kamdar, India

top recruitment thought leaders

Kunjal Kamdar has been involved in hiring for the last eight years, having worked in both recruitment and sourcing capacities. Blogging is his real passion, and he in turn loves sharing his passion for sourcing and social media with others in the recruiting community.

You can view Kunjal’s articles here.


Sr Manager – Social Media Strategist, Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd

LinkedIn accounttwitter account



Ruchi Bhatia, India

Ruchi Bhatia

Ruchi is among the Top 100 HR Influencers in India & Worldwide. She has 14 years of professional work experience across Sales, Operations, OD, Corporate Training, HR as Learning Consultant, WorkForce Partner, Professional Development Leader. She is founder of WOWHR & HRGurukul – A Learning platform for HR Professionals

You can find Ruchi’s blogs here.


Recruitment Branding Lead at IBM

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If you find yourself in need of a second opinion, advice on a touchy subject, a community of other recruitment professionals to chat with, or simply the latest news in your industry, then be sure to check these people out.

If I have missed any of your favorites, let me know your top Recruitment thought leaders, influencers or bloggers in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for including me. What an honor! I’d also add Madeline Laurano and Kyle Lagunas to the list. Top analysts in Talent Acquisition who write some of the best articles. What a great list!

    1. Hi Trish, Glad you liked the list. And it’s an honor for us to have a person like you who is being revolutionalizing the HR industry. Thank you for adding Madeline Laurano (@Madtarquin) and Kyle Lagunas (@KyleLagunas) to the list. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

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